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By Edward S. Meek M D, Ch B, MRC Path (auth.)

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Coldticine is obtained from the autumn crocus (Colmicum autumnale) and related species; demecolcin is the N-deacetyl-N-methyl derivative of colmicine. Both are antimitotic alkaloids whim interfere with the spindle proteins. Demecolcin is less toxic than coldticine, and can be used to deal with mronic granulocytic leukaemia but is less useful than myleran for this condition. SETALA (1965) and SETALA et aI. (1965) reported that normal mouse epidermis responded to coldticine whilst malignant epidermis did not.

Complete regression in about 90 0/0 of established mouse mammary tumours was achieved by WATSON (1966) using an extract of calf spleen. The preparation had Tissue Extracts 41 been passed through a Seitz filter and used undiluted, subcutaneous injections being given twice daily over a period of from two to four months. A heat-stable substance, insoluble in saline and probably lipid in nature has been extracted from necrotic tissues of mouse sarcoma 180 by MILLER and KINSEY (1967). When mixed with viable mouse tumour cells, the extract inhibited their growth in vivo.

1965), who found that when tested in vivo against the MHV. 3 strain of mouse hepatitis virus, it increased the survival time of a test group when compared with that of the control group. ) grown in primary rabbit kidney cells. lgfml (or more) 24 hours before the virus inoculation, it prevented development of the cytopathic effect. lgfmI. , 1963). MURRAy-LYON et al. (1968) treated a case of malignant islet-cell tumour with streptozotocin and recorded symptomatic relief together with a decrease in the size of hepatic secondaries.

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