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F I G . 2-1 (a-f) ( For legend see over) FIG. 2-1 (g) FIG. 2-1. ) on muscle fibres (m). ) from ganglionic-X-organ of crab, S esarma (after Enami, 1951). (d) cell with shorter axon, from epistellar body of Eledone (after Young, 1936). ) but no histological characters of neurons (drawn to lower scale) : (e) cells from corpus cardiacum of beetle, Hydrous (cf. Fig. ) (after Maximow and Bloom, 1942). The differences in quantity of secretion are not characteristic of these cells, but indicate different phases of secretion (cf.

Micro­ scopic examination shows this epistellar body to contain a group of neurosecretory cells (Fig. 2-lrf) with their axons converging on a central cavity, which contains secreted granules in a homo­ geneous ground substance. 12) has only been postulated from extirpation experiments 22 SOURCES OF KINETIC AND METABOLIC HORMONES TABLE 3. 11 STORE OF HORMONE (OR NAME) TYPE OF ACTION* SECTION NO. 112 Neurosecretory systems of Crustacea Ganglionic-X-organ Sinus gland and brain Hanström's sensory pore organ ?

So far, however, these cells have not been found, despite intensive search; it is possible that they may not be histologically distinct from other cells in the gut lining, such as those secreting mucus, but it seems more likely that they will eventually be revealed by more sensitive or selective staining techniques. It has been suggested that SECRETIN may be produced in certain " argent affine" cells, which can be stained with silver; but this seems unlikely since similar cells are abundant in the vermiform appendix from which no secretin can be extracted (Grossman, 1950).

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