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RNA and proteins, rather than with the synthesis of DNA or mitosis. , 1992b) by fluorescent spectroscopy to reveal some details of transcription processes in cells of a variety of plants. , 1992). Under a zero MF, free and weakly bound calcium made its appearance in cellular hyaloplasm, whereas it was absent during the growth in the GMF. Also, many experiments in Becker (1965), Beischer (1965), Lindauer and Martin (1968), Conley (1969), Dubrov (1969), Gleizer and Khodorkovskii (1971), Khodorkovskii and Polonnikov (1971), including the relatively recent work by Kashulin and Pershakov (1995), were conducted with the GMF compensated by man-made MF sources, such as Helmholtz rings.

1989) studied in a magnetic vacuum ∼ 5 nT the growth of “pilose roots” on carrot and belladonna induced by some genetic methods. The growth of roots on belladonna in the field 50 µT was enhanced by 40–56 % as compared with controls. The carrot root growth remained nearly unchanged. 5 T, strong as compared with the control field ∼ 10−3 T, caused a ∼ 25 % enhancement of root growth in both plants. It was shown that a changed DC MF in those assays acts precisely on plant roots, since a pre-treatment of the medium where the plants grew under similar magnetic conditions did not result in any changes.

Wochenschr. 4. • C. Lilienfeld (1902). Der Elektromagnetismus als Heilfaktor. , 390. • P. Rodari (1903). Die Physikalischen unf physiologisch-therapeutischen Einflusse des magnetischen Feldes auf den menschlichen Organismus. Correspond. Schweiz. Arzte 4, 114. P. Thompson (1910). A physiological effect of an alternating magnetic field. R. Soc. 82, 396. • G. Durvil (1913). Treatment of Diseases by Magnets. Kiev, (in Russian). E. C. Stevens (1914). Visual sensations caused by a magnetic field. Philos.

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