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By Marc E. de Broe, Patrick C. D’Haese (auth.), Marc E. de Broe, Jack W. Coburn (eds.)

` ... the cloth provided offers worthy info about the organic results and scientific syndromes linked to aluminum publicity. This quantity might be helpful for college kids and nephrologists who're attracted to furthering their figuring out of the area.'
Dialysis and Transplantation, 20/1, January 1991

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These clinical observations do not offer a clue as to why most patients endure high doses for a long period of time with an acceptable rise in serum AI, whereas a minority apparently absorbes Al from its hydroxide to a large extent. To solve this interindividual variation, research has to be performed into the mechanism of Al transport through the intestinal mucosa. This subject is dealt with in Section 4. 44 Aluminum absorption in non-renal patients Data on Al absorption in other than renal patients are scarce so far.

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