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By Harun Yahya

Whilst the fantastic concord in nature is obviously observable despite the bare eye, how can or not it's attainable to imagine that this layout was once verified haphazardly and fortuitously? definitely, there has to be an proprietor of this layout current in bodies and attaining the remotest corners of the enormously gigantic universe. This ebook is a summons to consider the universe and the dwelling issues Allah has created and to determine the perfection of their construction.

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This shows that not a step-by-step coincidental evolution but a conscious creation with all its systems must, in effect, have been at work. What all this shows is that the human body resembles a huge factory made up of many small machines that work together in perfect harmony. Just as all factories have a designer, an engineer and a planner, the human body has an Exalted Creator. ANIMALS AND PLANTS Millions of plant and animal types present in the world stand out as evidence that prove the existence and might of our Creator.

How can this miraculous event be explained? The conclusion to be derived from this example is that Allah has created all living beings uniquely and without any prior example. Even one termite nest is enough for a person to comprehend Allah and believe that He is the One Who created all. The Woodpecker As we all know, woodpeckers build their nests by boring holes in tree trunks with their beaks. This may sound familiar to most people. But the point many people fail to examine is why woodpeckers suffer no brain haemorrhage when they beat a tattoo so vigorously with their heads.

Termite Nests No one can help feeling surprised at the sight of a termite nest erected on the ground by termites. These nests are architectural wonders, rising as high as 5 or 6 metres. When you compare the size of a termite and its nest, you will see that the termite has successfully completed an architectural project about 300 times bigger than itself. But what is even more astonishing is that the termites are blind. A person who has never seen the huge nests built by blind termites would probably think that they are made up of sand piles heaped upon each other.

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