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By Stephen H. Friedberg, Arnold J. Insel, Lawrence E. Spence

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For in truth the best-kept secret of nineteenth-century Spanish liberalism was the existential insecurity of its adherents as a class. "28 This is why Nemoianu's notion of a tamed Biedermeier romanticism dovetails so neatly with the moderado mentality of the Spanish romantics, including Espronceda and Larra. Thus far I have spoken variously of a liberal and a conservative romanticism, of a national-romanticism (Marrast), a historical Romanticism (Juretschke), a Romantic historicism (Flitter), and a Biedermeier romanticism (Nemoianu).

Marrast has shown that as late as 1836 Espronceda still subscribed to a neoclassically inflected historical Romanticism. It seems reasonable, then, to suppose a similar mixture of conservative aesthetics and politics in both disciple and master. As the returning exiles realized in 18331834, one outstanding change in Madrid was the proliferation of newspapers under the post-absolutist, Cea Bermúdez government. Recall that the parliamentary monarchy projected by Lista entailed a relative freedom of the press.

Members of the "Generation of 1898," and later Republican critics, were so appalled by the Restoration's governance of Spain, that they imagined a liberal political and literary romanticism that had not in fact been there. They failed to credit the interrelatedness of historical Romanticism, their own bourgeois revolution, and the romantic historiography written between 1840 and 1870, when politician-historians formed our present view of much medieval and modern Spanish history. This was despite the fact that a historically oriented romantic theater, historical novels in imitation of Scott, the romantic historiography, and historical-ballad collections, as well as elite reworkings of folktale and folk song, made up a substantial, politically interested, albeit conservative, romanticism.

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