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This publication is geared toward a wide viewers: scientists, engineers, professors and scholars clever adequate to maintain a severe stance at any time when faced with the chilling dogmas of up to date physics. Readers will discover a tantalizing volume of fabric calculated to nurture their ideas and arouse their suspicion, to a point not less than, at the so-called validity of modern-day so much celebrated actual theories.

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E. the equality fte + (fi e )T = 0 which is satisfied if the dyad is antisymmetrical. It results, from definitions 21 and 28, that the absolute velocity V_f(Ry,t) of point P in the fixed reference frame has the following expression: U a - U e = V , = V r • V R r + Rf • fte (30) We underline that the rotational velocity W / = R / • fie of the moving reference frame is, by definition, a rigid-body rotation because the deformation which is associated to this velocity is null because of the antisymmetrical character of the rotation dyad.

It in our daily life which is not an absolute quantity because it depends on an arbitrary origin, and the passing of time which is, on the other hand, an absolute quantity. In Newton's mechanics, two types of simultaneity must be distinguished: Following the first assumption, all the events considered by an observer in the Universe coexist at a given time, whether these events are in motion or at rest. In other words, all events are simultaneous: this is the " static simultaneity" obtained while taking an instantaneous picture.

For a given point of K, we have r a — rb and the passing of time becomes different in the reference frames K° and K. WAVE MEANING OF THE SPECIAL RELATIVITY THEORY 23 Classical mechanics takes great care in distinguishing between static and dynamic simultaneity. In relativistic mechanics, two simultaneous events in K° for t° — ijj = 0 are not any more in K because of the time flow ta — % ^ 0 and the finite propagation of the signal U • (r a — Tb)/c2 ^ 0. In the end, what we observe is a combined effect resulting in those two types of simultaneity.

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