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A real-world company booklet for the explosion of eBay marketers! Absolute Beginner's advisor to Launching an eBay company publications you step by step in the course of the means of constructing an eBay enterprise, and provides real-world suggestion on how you can run that company on a daily foundation and maximize monetary luck. This e-book covers picking out what sort of enterprise to run, writing an action-oriented marketing strategy, setting up an efficient accounting procedure, developing a house workplace, acquiring beginning stock, arranging preliminary investment, developing an eBay presence, and arranging for automatic post-auction administration.

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The point is that you have to know what you’re going to sell before you can figure out how to sell it. That’s why this step is so crucial to putting together your business plan. How Much Money Do You Want to Make? Knowing what you want to sell is one thing. Knowing how much money you want to make is another. And, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t match up. ) Start from the top down. For your business to be successful, you have to generate an income on which you can comfortably live—unless, of course, you’re looking for your eBay business to supplement an existing income.

To generate $600 a week in profit, you have to sell about 46 gift baskets. ) That’s not the end of the math, however. Based on additional research, you determine that about only about half of the eBay auctions in this category end in a sale. So to sell those 46 items, you have to launch 92 auctions every week, half of which will end with no bidders. That’s a lot of work. Now is when you start thinking about the options available to you. What if you could find a better-quality gift basket that you could sell for $40 instead of $20?

And I’ll sign up for PayPal, so I can accept credit card payments. “At the start, I think I can manage the entire business myself—which is what I’m quitting my job to do. If things really take off, I can hire my cousin Helen to help me out with the packing and shipping. But that’s probably down the road; for now, it’ll be just me, which is all I’m planning for. ” As you can see, this short story (a little more than 300 words) tells your audience everything they need to know about your planned eBay business.

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