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By Karen Kingsbury

#1 New York Times bestselling writer Karen Kingsbury's undying choice of real tales celebrating God's presence in friendship.

during this heartwarming e-book, the marvelous energy of friendship is confirmed via outstanding studies within the lives of normal women and men. Karen Kingsbury has accumulated jointly real-life examples of pals who're there for every different simply because they need to be, no longer simply because they must be. those uplifting tales illustrate that actual friendship is made up of love and laughter, compassion and knowing. And whilst lifestyles sends a problem that can't be met by myself, God presents a chum whilst one is required so much.

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I am perpetually hungry. At three in the morning we eat in the hotel surrounded by gamblers edgy to get back to their games. We glower at each other with raccoon eyes. His ragged fear has turned into rage. My passivity has evolved into stony stoicism. The handshake is over; we retreat to our corners. We go to Virginia City—dirt and dust and a cold wind blowing by brown shops selling turquoise jewelry. We pace along the sidewalks, saying nothing. Then I see a dusty cemetery with toppled tombstones.

Usually Southern California is dry in the winter, but this Christmas it won’t stop raining. My mother-in-law Jean tries to gather the strength to be the mother she has always been, cooking and cleaning, even though she’s in her seventies now. But she’s shell-shocked from these past six months. Still she manages to make dinner every night, and she and I indulge in our annual conversation marathon at the dining table. Hank Senior has put up a tree; as usual it’s given birth to several litters of presents.

Shortly after my mother married this man, he developed a taste for vodka, lots and lots of vodka, and for my teenage babysitter. My mother didn’t repeat the experiment after he skulked out of our lives. When Hank berates me for not making enough money, I shrug my shoulders and go on doing what I love to do: writing and being involved in various unprofitable artistic ventures. He doesn’t like to socialize, and I could hang out with people all day. He’s a staunch Republican (though not the church kind), and I am definitely not (though I am fond of certain offbeat churches).

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