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But she proves her sisterhood; her typhus-fever kills them: they were actually her brothers, though denying it! 22 Such social blindness and deafness cause and perpetuate the social ills people claim to deplore. The words of Karl Menninger are appropriate here: "If we do not live for pleasure, we shall Page 14 soon find ourselves living for pain. " 23 Nothing is immune to such ugliness, not even the family. During the two decades since World War II, the United States has emjoyed a family boom.

When a person has overcome all, precisely then is he perhaps closest to losing everything . . no longer can he fight Page 24 against something or someone else . . " 44 Values. The clarification of values is an indispensable component of the helping relationship. Of concern in this section are the values of the helper. Expression of them may be honest and noninterfering or manipulative, depending on how willing the helper is to take a look at where he or she "is coming from" and to take steps to avoid forcing his or her personal value orientation on the person being helped.

It is abundantly clear, however, that such needs are being left unfulfilled in countless numbers of people in pain and that a return to emphasis on the simple yet complex power of love, in both physical and emotional expressions, is of paramount concern to anyone involved in a helping relationship. In a discussion of unselfish love's powers, Pitirim A. " 38 Making Choices. Whether we are involved in a helping relationship as professionals or as friends and confidantes, it is inevitable that at some point in the relationship the problem of making choices will arise.

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