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By Günter Saathoff, Michael Jansen

This publication comprises the ultimate document of Germany’s "Remembrance, accountability, and destiny" beginning, giving a accomplished heritage of the country’s use of slave hard work in the course of international battle II and the complicated strategy through which reparations for survivors have been negotiated.

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Even after it had recognized the Oder and Neisse rivers as borders with Poland and the Soviet Union had ended its dismantlement and removal of industries as a form of reparation (1953), the East German (GDR ) government continued to insist on these separate categories for victims of Nazism. Until 1988, it refused to make any indemnification payments to Holocaust survivors outside its own borders. ” Needless to say, none of the individual Soviet victims of Nazism, whether Holocaust survivors, repatriated civilian workers, or Soviet POW s used as forced labor, ever saw a single ruble of those reparations.

The German communist party required that this activity be referred to as “indemnification” and that it be strongly supported. Initially there were quite a number of relief measures available for victims of the Nazi regime. As time went on there was an increasingly strong focus on victims who were associated with the KPD and/or SED . Other victims, particularly those who had been persecuted for racial reasons, were pointedly pushed aside. The SED had initially considered permitting restitution of Jewish property but then decided against it.

G. Farben 5. Büssing 6. Rheinmetall, HispanoSuiza, Diehl 7. Feldmühle-Nobel / Deutsche Bank 8. Daimler-Benz 9. Volkswagen 10. Hamburgische Elekricitäts-Werke 11. BASF, Bayer, Daimler-Benz, Hoechst 12. Degussa 13. Adlerwerke / Dresdner Bank 14. 21 I oV 1997 ? 70 9/1998 Source: Spoerer, op. , p. 248. Abbreviations: I = payments to individuals; O = payments to organizations; Hs = entitled recipients are Holocaust survivors; oV = entitled recipients are other victims of Nazism. From Forced Labor to the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” 45 the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future,” we ought to pause briefly to take into account the compensation and humanitarian financial assistance German companies provided for former forced laborers in preceding years.

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